13 Now Famous Actors From ‘Band of Brothers’ And ‘The Pacific’

If you haven’t seen Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg’s love letters to the Greatest Generation, Band of Brothers and The Pacific, ignore all other recommended series, stop whatever you are doing, and locate them. Now. They represent 20 of the best hours of television of the 21st century (especially Band of Brothers), and they are entertaining, intense, heartbreaking, and important.

On Friday, HBO confirmed that it would be making a third World Wart II mini-series with Hanks and Spielberg, which will explore the aerial wars through the eyes of enlisted men of the Eighth Air Force — known as the men of the Mighty Eighth. I cannot tell you how excited that makes me.

The only problem, however, many of us had with both Band of Brothers and especially The Pacific was that it was so difficult to tell the actors apart: White, twenty-something men with buzzcuts are hard to tell apart. It’s ironic, now, since so many of the people who were introduced to a wider audience in those mini-series are now recognizably famous. Band of Brothers was kind of like the Dazed and Confused of the television world: A breeding ground for future movie and television stars. Let’s take a look back at 13 actors who gained their first notable, widespread exposure through Band of Brothers and The Pacific.

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I wholly concur that BoB and TP are required watching. And the news that HBO will produce a miniseries on the 8th Air Force is fantastic.

Click in through to the list. Yes, of course Damien Lewis is on it. As is Jacob Pitts, who plays in Justified, which also stars our close personal friend  Peabody Award Winner and International Film and Television Star Nick Searcy, host of Acting School with Nick Searcy.

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  1. This is pretty awesome. I have “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific” on DVD and have watched them both more than once. Extremely well done, can’t wait to see their treatment of “The Mighty Eighth”.

  2. I thought BOB was outstanding and have probably watched it four or five times.. The Pacific -not so much, I just found it boring. Could not force myself to watch the entire series.

  3. You haven’t seen the Mighty 8th AF Museum at Pooler, GA near Savannah, GA it’s worth a stop when you’re in the area. You can see the place from I95 and they’ve got a B-47 right beside it outside. Of course, most of the museum is dedicated to the WW2 8th AF.

  4. The Fast Carriers by Clark Reynolds. For the Solomons campaign, how about a proper version of Guadalcanal Diary? One that bears more than just a title as it’s relationship to the book?

  5. So whaddya say, should they use Caidin’s Flying Forts for source material on this one, Twelve O’clock High, or both?
    I just hope they don’t turn it into P.C. mush they way Lucas did with Red Tails..

    1. Caidin’s books on WWII were awesome. “Whip” and “The Last Dogfight” were enjoyable under-appreciated works.

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