Algerian Hostages Killed

Algerian special forces stormed a natural gas complex in the middle of the Sahara desert on Saturday in a “final assault” that ended a four-day-old hostage crisis, according to the state news agency and two foreign governments. At least 19 hostages and 29 Islamist militants have been killed.

The report, quoting a security source, didn’t say whether any hostages or militants remained alive, and it didn’t give the nationalities of the dead.

It said the army was forced to intervene after a fire broke out in the plant and said the militants killed the hostages. It wasn’t immediately possible to verify who killed the captives.

Seven hostages and 11 militants were killed in Saturday’s operation, adding to the previous tally of 12 captives and 18 kidnappers.

via News from The Associated Press.

Contrary to President Obama’s contention that Al Qeda is diminished, it has instead metastasized.

The administration’s options with regard to the “Arab Spring” revolutions were limited. The United States cannot always bend events to its will. But the certainly seems to be a naivete and willful blindness to the actions of Islamic radicals throughout the region by our current foreign policy apparatus.  The instability in Libya has lead directly to the current conflict in Mali and this latest attack in Algeria.  And as usual, the US gets blamed.

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  1. Another shining moment in the panoply of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy saga.

    The “Arab Spring” is actually a long and dark winter, likely to last for decades.

    One has to wonder when the AK-47s shipped to Syrian and other Muslim rebels will have been the ones confiscated from law-abiding Americans.

  2. If Zer0 had kept himself out of Libya, there would be no reason to blame us. As it is, there is some justice in blaming us for what is happening in Mali. Our foreign policy establishment has not exactly covered itself with glory over the last 50 years, and Zer0’s misrule is in the middle of the US mainstream in that regard.

    1. No, the US is NOT to blame for Mali. The bloodthirsty Islamists who wish to kill once again in the name of Islam are to blame. Obama’s foreign policy failures is not middle, but at the very bottom, of US diplomatic performance in the last half century. The only President lower, perhaps, is Jimmy Carter. And that remains to be seen in how the aftermath of Islamist takeover in the Middle East plays out.

    2. URR, I’m not saying we are. I don’t think we are, but we didn’t help when we threw in with the UK and Frogs in Libya. We had no business doing it and I think we are seeing just the beginning of the results of it. We need to stay out of things that do not impinge on our vital interests.

  3. Of course the U.S. gets blamed. A little over 50% of our dumbass citizens voted this douche-bag admin. back into office. Elections have consequences.

  4. Algeria sent a message to the Islamists: “Hostages don’t mean shit here. We are coming to kill you all.”
    They took a lesson from their Russian mentors.
    Europe and the USA started bringing assets by the second day. The Algerians told ’em to “wait here, we got this.”

    1. Regardless Algeria is going to find it significantly more difficult to import technical workers, especially to work in remote locations. Islamists don’t really care about dying, as far as their concerned if most of the hostages die it’s a win.

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