Air Force Engages in Self Flagellation, Morale Suppression

The new Chief of Staff of the Air Force ordered a service wide inspection of all workspaces to ensure that pornographic, offensive, and unprofessional materiel was removed.

I think we can all agree the age of having a Playboy centerfold hanging on the wall are gone from the integrated services. But scan through this database and you’ll see that this witchhunt goes far beyond that.

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16 thoughts on “Air Force Engages in Self Flagellation, Morale Suppression”

  1. Well, there is an advertisement for a $160-180 billion cut in the Defense Budget….

  2. Whoever started using the term “Air Farce” got it right. I’m afraid putting them back under the Army would merely spread the contagion faster and more widely.

    What idiots.

  3. I wonder if my “Life’s a bitch, then you die” would be allowed. Glad I retired from the Aero Club in the 90’s.

    1. scott:

      It may not be generally known, but the B-24’s bomb bay doors (which you can’t see in that picture) were part of the dragon. In order that the dragon be complete whether or not the doors were open, the mid-section of the dragon was painted twice, opened and closed.


    2. Cool! I did not know that. Dragon is my favorite B-24, just as Outhouse Mouse is my favorite B-15 Outhouse Mouse survived well over 100 missions over Germany, yet she was cut up after the War. Good Job Air Force.

  4. I noticed that “Military Coins” were removed. Pray tell me how challenge coins are inappropriate? Unless you’re of the opinion that the Air Force is not a military service.

  5. Surely this eminates from the one idiot, morally bankrupt NCO who over a long period of time sexually exploited female basic trainees. Ladies & Gentlemen….this kind of s _ _ _ doesn’t happen unless there exists an eye wash, exists on paper only, check the box chain of command. If I were a PJ, SERE, or CCT guy I’d explore other service branch options.

  6. I’m removing my bumper sticker that says: “Don’t tell my Mom I’m a skydiver, she thinks I play piano in a whorehouse.”

  7. They took down a signed poster from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, who visit Air Force bases on USO tours. They destroyed a Maxim magazine which is sold by AAFES (the Army AIR FORCE Exchange service). Idiots.

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