US Minesweeper Runs Aground off Philippines


Reuters India gives a brief synopsis.

The ship, with a crew of 80, had just completed a port call at Subic Bay in the Philippines, when the grounding occurred.

No word on any correlation of the above with the grounding incident.   “Oh man, I shouldn’ta had all them Red Horses at the Rum Jungle“…..

Nobody was hurt, and if it is a sand bar, let’s hope there is little to no damage.  We are desperately short of MIW capability as it is.

6 thoughts on “US Minesweeper Runs Aground off Philippines”

  1. Reports I’ve seen have it as a coral reef, not a sandbar.

    That’s not going to be pretty, with a fiberglass-coated wooden hull.

    1. ‘Twould be lovely were that the case … somehow I don’t think it’ll keep the CAS pin attached.

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