Oak Harbor Mayor gets it right.

Thanks to Mushdogs for bringing to my attention this video of my hometown mayor paying respect to the rights of his fellow citizens.


9 thoughts on “Oak Harbor Mayor gets it right.”

  1. whilst i disagree with many of the current particulars of american gun laws / ownership [which i am sure bothers you all deeply coming from a ‘redcoat’ 😉 ], it is refreshing to see an elected official seemingly remember his is a position of duty and responsibility to both the office he is in and the laws of the country. far too many of our own spineless, worthless, corrupt, popularity seeking (vaguely) elected ‘overlords’ here in the uk would do well to listen to this.

    1. I don’t mind you disagreeing. And I’m thankful you don’t feel the need to preach. And I too share your gratitude that an elected official recalls his duty, and recognizes his is a servant of the public, not a mater.

      For those who don’t like the 2nd Amendment, our Founding Fathers were wise enough to provide a provision for changing the Constitution.

  2. Sweet. These gun-grabbers are so skeered of guns that they cannot stand being in the same room with an armed citizen.

  3. (1) The outstandingly articulate citizen and former member of the military who spoke is a testament to the Second Amendment, our founders and gun owners everywhere.

    (2) The mayor did an outstanding job of acknowledging those facts and also calling out those two members of the council on their hostility to our Constitution they swore to uphold.

    (3) I would like 5 minutes in Thunderdome with that fucking pussy councilman with sand in his vagina because a citizen was exercising his Constitutional rights.

    And to make him comfortable I promise no guns. Only machetes, chainsaws and a fucking giant medieval mace.

    I haven’t seen that much pussy since RedTube.

    Nice post xbrad.

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