5 thoughts on “Daniel V. Gallery Fans will understand why I chuckled when I saw this…”

  1. You mean the P5M with the “Guest” pilot in the seat whilst the PPC is in the head, right? One of my favorite Dan Gallery stories.

  2. That story and the one that follows it in “Stand By to Start Engines” are a great introduction to Naval Aviation. I also like the stories about ‘satchel aft’ Page.


  3. And for us surface guys there was Boatson’s Mate First Class ‘Fatso’ Gioninni in Capt Fatso and Now Hear This. Ah, to have that Navy culture back again.

    For those that liked the first story in Stand By to Start Engines, the Admiral at the controls of the transport gets his sweet, sweet, and funny revenge in the second story.
    Lots of good stories in the book, like what would happen if Blue Angels pilots took the place of budding, unwinged naval aviators in formation flight training? Very funny, and humbling to the big bad IP.

    1. I read Cap’n Fatso when I was on Courtney back in the stone age. I thought it was hilarious. I had to quit reading it after taps as I got to many complaints about the noise I was making. I also read “Now Hear This” about that time too. IT’s been about 10 years since I read “Clear The Decks,” but U-505 is floating around the house at the moment. Can’t remember much about “Now Hear This” but clearly remember the hanging scene from Fatso. Even Ivan had a hard time believing that.

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