More Bronco

In case you missed it in the comments below, here’s a great clip showing some of the versatility of the OV-10, with rockets, miniguns, aerial applications, dropping paratroopers, aerial delivery, and laying smoke screens.


3 thoughts on “More Bronco”

  1. Exceptional footage. I especially appreciate the MC1 parachute identifiable by the “Cyclops” modification (non-jumpers call them “holes”). That canopy was its own start of a military family of Troop Parachutes. As I was heard to say all the time “…if that aircraft has an orifice big enough for me and a parachute, I’ll jump it.” Great aircraft!!!

  2. I had to exit the AO before getting to see the last half of this video and may I say it brought a tear to my eye seeing the OV-10 do a light aerial cargo drop utilizing G-13’s (canopy), and (probably) A-21 Cargo Containers. Dropped in sterling regulatory fashion altitude wise, but all you need is enough for the canopy to do one oscillation post inflation and then hit the ground (real deal drop), but it was good for me. I’d smoke I’m so a twitter, but I quit.

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