Mabus and Kipling Discuss Readiness


Despite Federal spending that is almost $1 trillion higher than it was in 2008, with one war ended and another winding down, Secretary of the Navy Mabus informs us that Bread and Circuses are eating into the operating budget for this nation’s sea services, at precisely the time we are told we are executing a “strategic pivot” toward the Pacific.  Which, if I remember my geography, is a fairly large body of water.

There is this bit of good news from ALNAV 006/13:


The US Navy is buying biofuel at $26/gal when JP-5 is under $4 a gallon.   We have untold numbers of senior Officers and Flag Officers obsessed with the metrics of a Diversity industry.   SECNAV is demanding hundreds of thousands of hours be spent in sexual assault prevention training with no discernable benefit.    Here’s betting the “belt tightening” he warns of encompasses virtually none of the social-political experiments that is Navy and Marine Corps personnel policy.

In the meantime, Rudyard tells us the inevitable result.

Our ships in every harbour
 Be neither whole nor sound,
And, when we seek to mend a leak,
 No oakum can be found;
Or, if it is, the caulkers,
 And carpenters also,
For lack of pay have gone away,
And this the Dutchmen know!

Mere powder, guns, and bullets,
 We scarce can get at all;
Their price was spent in merriment
 And revel at Whitehall,
While we in tattered doublets
 From ship to ship must row,
Beseeching friends for odds and ends –
And this the Dutchmen know!

Not so certain history is dead.  Not so certain we aren’t.   While SECNAV is long and loud regarding biofuels (“the stakes could not be higher”), he seems to have contracted laryngitis about expressing concerns to the President about his Navy’s short and long-term ability to actually fight if needed, and to push for the resources to meet mission.  Because, apparently the stakes aren’t as high as being environmentally friendly.

How do you say “De Ruyter” in Mandarin?

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8 thoughts on “Mabus and Kipling Discuss Readiness”

  1. From Bush I to Zer0, the investment of nearly 100 years is being thrown away. Add in the social engineering and PC nonsense, and you get a military that may be diverse, and may even have a few pretty planes, ships, and guns, but they won’t be able to fight because of poor equipment and morale.

    The people of the US are corrupt and immoral, so why should the military be any different, and why should they not suffer the slings and arrows that such brings? Our day in the sun is about over. I didn’t need to be, but the low info voter who knows only what the latest crook running for office has offered, and that’s all that matters to them.

    Ignorance has never been compatible with freedom.

  2. And me, a Dutchmen knows.
    But same here, all the army investments in the Neterlands are being thrown away too. Tanks being sold, the various army departments reduced in size and we’re paying a hell lot for the JSF which isn’t that good (F-16’s with the latest updates are just as good, if not better). Sad, really….

  3. This makes me sick to my stomach. My kids tell me the stories of the Diversity Crap they have to endure instead of doing worthwhile things. The inmates are now running the asylum. Biofuel is just more PC-nonsense inflicted on a military which has very few GOFOs with the cojones to stand up to their political masters. Absolutely sickens me.

    QM, you’re right, corrupt and immoral describes many of the population very well.

    We’re in the “bread and circuses” phase. What’s next?

  4. Think you swiped it (the Kipling reference) from a post of mine a few years ago. Superb post.

    Swipe as much as you want, any time. Honored to assist… if I did.

    1. GBW,

      Might be a “great minds” thing. We both know his works extensively, I do imagine. The more martial of them, anyway. “The Dutch in the Medway” has a certain appeal, as does “Tommy”, during times like these (and the 90s, and post-Vietnam…) Our esteemed host can send you my e-mail address. I am contemplating an articulation of the role of the historian and of history in the path forward. And another regarding RK. I would like much if you would lend your wisdom to looking them over before I unleash them on an unsuspecting world.

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