I’ve got a problem with ants. Small black ants. The HOA has sprayed outside the house thoroughly several times, but I’ve still got swarms of small black ants that come swarming up from the sinks or shower pans from time to time


Ant hotels and occasional spraying seem to do no good. Any suggestions?

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  1. A helpful measure albeit not a “household” uber cure is “Chinese chalk” available at asian food stores. If you’ve had much precipitation lately that usually is a cause. Take the chalk and draw a circle where the ants enter, or congregate in large groups. Works for the “sugar” and black ants but don’t know about fire ants found in the south. Hope it helps.

  2. It’s quite simple, really. Stage a nighttime raid on the hive. Secure and extract the queen. The following day, hold a conference and inform the ants that their queen will be publicly executed in twenty-four hours if they do not vacate the premises. It would also help if you tied her to a tiny chair and held a pistol to her head and/or thorax during the conference. Ants respond promptly to threats to their queen.

    Important note! You will need to establish a watch on the queen as the ants can be expected to stage a rescue attempt somewhere between the 16th and 20th hours. It would be sooner, but ants are also notoriously bad planners.

  3. I was gonna suggest an itty bitty hammer to stove in little ant-heads. But I think Mike’s plan is better.

    1. I’ve seen a lot of borax suggestions. Surprisingly, also corn starch.

      The little buggers are in the pipes! They’re coming out of the sink. I’m starting with boiling water, and escalating from there.

  4. Have an exterminator check around your bathtub. Typically they can build nests in the hollow spaces of the tub and then find their way into pipes and such from there.

  5. Sarin. That’s the ticket. Just be sure to vacate the house shortly afterwards, and take Sox with you. You should be able to return in about 5 years.

    No need to thank me.

  6. We had ants at the cottage last summer, so my Dad mixed a little sugar with borax. He poured it along and across their path. Sometimes he would watch and taunt them. My mother told him he had lost it and no, she wouldn’t come over to watch.

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