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France’s rescue attempt in Somalia was pretty much a goat rope.  Rescue missions are risky, and have a high failure rate. Failing is one thing. Leaving a man behind? That’s a real black mark on the record.

And President Obama has notified Congress that US aircraft supported the operation. Eh, I’m not gonna get too excited about that. He complied with the War Powers Act mandate to notify Congress. And flying top cover over Somalia is fairly low risk. And believe it or not, France has been a fairly steadfast ally in  a lot of ways. So scratching their back from time to time won’t hurt much.


France is also busy fighting in Mali. France has a long, long history of intervention in brush wars in Africa. When the US intervenes somewhere, there are calls from every corner of the world and from half the US population about having the blessings of the UN. France doesn’t bother with any of that nonsense. If they feel fighting Islamist radicals in Africa is in their best interests, it’s go time.  I’m hearing some rumors of US logistical support for the operations, but nothing firm yet.


Steeljaw Scribe is getting the message China is sending. Are you?


Some days just suck harder than others.

Via NavyOne.


I think I’ve found my new favorite band.


D’oh. Video didn’t load first time around.

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  1. Catching “Yellow Fever” Brad? Nice cuties and it wouldn’t be hard to catch the “disease.” You’d have to compete with Skippy though. :-))))

  2. My Dad served at MAAG-Formosa in 1962. I’m going to show him this! He’ll get a kick out of it, and hopefully, not a heart attack.

  3. INRE: Hornet in snow. I have seen a photo taken aboard HORNET in early 1942 off Iceland, with a deck tractor with a small blade on the front plowing snow, while deck chappies ply shovels. How do they deal with snow on a modern CVN? Are there plows for the tugs?

  4. I see you’ve just discovered the gloriousness that is Korean women in general and female K-pop bands specifically 😉

    1. Until you mentioned it, I would have sworn this was J-pop. Oddly, while I greatly enjoyed the few Koreans I met during Team Spirit ’87, their women never did much for me.

    2. I can honestly say, I’ve seen women of every race and most nationalities, and I’ve noticed one thing. None of them have a monopoly on good looks. There’s attractive women everywhere, and unattractive women everywhere as well.

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