An Evolving Intellect. More of Us Should Take the Journey

A magnificent missive today over at Bookworm Room.   I am an occasional reader and lurker and enjoy her comments quite often.   But this one is really astute, some wonderfully insightful comments about the evolution of an intellect.   (And a decent little video from Adam Carolla.)

At around the same time, as a child who grew up watching the Vietnam War on the news, as well as all the antiwar protests, I thought the American military was evil, and that Communists weren’t so bad.

When I was 17, and California voters passed Prop. 13, I thought it was outrageous that people should want to keep their own money when it could go to the government, which would spend it for the people’s own good, only it would do it better than the people themselves.

When I was 18, I voted for Jimmy Carter and was deeply saddened when he lost.

When I was a 20-year old student attending U.C. Berkeley, and I heard that Ronald Reagan had been shot, I agreed with my fellow students that he deserved it, a sentiment that earned me a harsh and well-deserved scolding from my parents.

And it gets better from there.   Take a few, and have a read.


2 thoughts on “An Evolving Intellect. More of Us Should Take the Journey”

  1. A very nice development of the human mind over the years.
    Only wish that more people went through this development, because some people….ah well…you know…

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