4 thoughts on “This will get out of control…”

  1. That sort of stuff has been going on for years, just like my picking at URR. For me, at least, it’s all in fun. I guess for some it’s more serious. I used to rag my Common Pleas Judge that way (Marine 1LT in Vietnam). He’d play the game along with the rest of us and laugh at it.

    The Village administrator for the County seat was Army SF and I told him that the Common Pleas Judge had been real McCOy Vietnam Marine Ossifer. I introduced the following exchange took place:

    VA: Have you heard they’re going to phase out the Marines?
    Judge: No. Did you hear why?
    VA: Yes. They found they’re too easy to kill.
    Judge: (now getting wary) Really?
    VA: Yeah. They just wait until they’re getting a drink of water and slam the toilet seat down on their necks.

    This was when they first met.

    For URR’s benefit:


  2. The uniform on the top guy looks almost as bad as the blueberry suit. Oh, and the below guy? I think my favorite is the extra couple of chins and the awards below the ribbon rack. Classic. Wonder if he will be at the inauguration this year, with a speaking part on Veterans supporting Obama. But hey, it’s free expression. Unlike a HS kid wearing an American flag shirt to school. That’s offensive.

  3. Joint environments are the best. I sit near two Air Force Academy grads. (Civilians at a Navy command.) And the jokes never stop. . .

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