A Liberal Defends the 2nd Amendment

For the first time, and most likely the last, I’m going to link to Daily Kos. Two and a half years ago, Kaili Joy Gray posted a strong defense of the 2nd Amendment.

No. 5: The Second Amendment is about revolution.

In no other country, at no other time, has such a right existed. It is not the right to hunt. It is not the right to shoot at soda cans in an empty field. It is not even the right to shoot at a home invader in the middle of the night.

It is the right of revolution.

Let me say that again:  It is the right of revolution.

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.

To alter or abolish the government. These are not mild words; they are powerful. They are revolutionary.

The Founders might never have imagined automatic weapons. But they probably also never imagined a total ban on handguns either.

We talk about the First Amendment as a unique and revolutionary concept — that we have the right to criticize our government. Does it matter whether we do so while standing on a soapbox on the corner of the street or on a blog? No. Because the concept, not the methodology, is what matters.

And the Second Amendment is no different. It is not about how much ammunition is “excessive” or what types of guns are and are not permissible. Liberals cling to such minutia at the expense of understanding and appreciating the larger concept that underlies this right.


What is the point? Is this a rallying cry for liberals to rush right out and purchase a gun? Absolutely not. Guns are dangerous when used by people who are not trained to use them, just as cars are dangerous when driven by people who have not been taught how to drive.

No, this is a rallying cry for the Bill of Rights — for all of our rights.

This is an appeal to every liberal who says, “I just don’t like guns.”

This is an appeal to every liberal who says, “No one needs that much ammunition.”

This is an appeal to every liberal who says, “That’s not what the Founders meant.”

This is an appeal to every liberal who supports the ACLU.

This is an appeal to every liberal who has complained about the Bush Administration’s trading of our civil liberties for the illusion of greater security. (I believe I’ve seen a T-shirt or two about Benjamin Franklin’s thoughts on that.)

This is an appeal to every liberal who believes in fighting against the abuses of government, against the infringement of our civil liberties, and for the greater expansion of our rights.

This is an appeal to every liberal who never wants to lose another election to Republicans because they have successfully persuaded the voters that Democrats will not protect their Second Amendment rights.

This is an appeal to liberals, not merely to tolerate the Second Amendment, but to embrace it. To love it and defend it and guard it as carefully as you do all the others.

Because we are liberals. And fighting for our rights — for all of our rights, for all people — is what we do.

Because we are revolutionaries.

It’s pretty rare I find common ground with a liberal. Of course, it’s pretty rare a liberal says something so clearheaded.  Go read the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “A Liberal Defends the 2nd Amendment”

  1. One has to wonder the scorn with which this young lady was treated because she failed to toe the line regarding the Liberal point of view.

    And one also has to wonder how many “DON’T question authority” bumper stickers are being sold, or modified from the previous message, are making their ways onto the bumpers of Subarus and Priuses and Cubes.

    1. I have a sign I bought at a gift shop in Cherokee that says “Don’t question Authority. They don’t know either.” That got more than one chuckle from people in authority when I had it up on my office wall at NCDOT in Sylva.

  2. You say that it’s pretty rare that you find common ground with a liberal, but I think that’s probably not exactly accurate. What you probably meant is that it’s pretty rare that you find common ground with people who call themselves liberals. It’s an important distinction.

    The item you linked is in fact a pretty good example of a truly liberal view. Unfortunately, the label liberal has been co-opted by leftists who are anything but liberal.

    1. A fair point. But many folks who consider themselves liberal, and not leftist, and I disagree on many points. All too often liberals feel it is the role of government to grant rights (housing, pay, etc.) when in fact, the rights we hold are artifacts of our birth, and not granted by any institution. That tends to influence our conflicting views on the role and size of the government.

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