Want to earn a B-29 Challenge Coin?

Well, here’s your chance.

She’s the last flying B-29 Superfortress in the world. But now she’s at risk…

During the last airshow flight of the season, the number two engine experienced a loss of power. The crew returned safely to the airport, but it was soon determined the engine would need major repairs. At nearly $10,000 and 100 volunteer hours per hour of flight, keeping FIFI in the air is daunting.

This iconic B-29 is a traveling piece of military history. FIFI flies to air shows and tour stops all over the country giving children of all ages the sight, smells and sounds of history. These personal experiences perpetuate the spirit in which these aircraft were flown in defense of our nation –honoring the courage, sacrifice and legacy of the greatest generation. FIFI represents that generation and the best of America.

via Keep FiFi Flying A2.

4 thoughts on “Want to earn a B-29 Challenge Coin?”

    1. Indeed! I have trouble with the CAF since they went PC and changed their name from Confederate Air Force. A number of friends of mine left after they did that. I’ll prolly chip in this winter, but the name change still galls.

  1. Quartermaster,
    In fairness, the CAF was told by a lot of air show sponsors – including the USAF and USN – that as long as they had ‘Confederate’ in their name, they wouldn’t be coming to any more airshows.

    1. Like I said, they gave into PC. Both AF and Navy would have suffered for it. It wasn’t like the CAF didn’t have enough demand for their presence. Both AF and Navy are long down the road to be ceasing to be military services. CAF lost a lot when they changed the name.

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