Journal News gun permit map endangers officers, officials say

Criticism of The Journal News, which published a gun permit database last month, broadened Friday with Rockland law enforcement officials saying the map listing the names and addresses of those with gun permits is endangering lives.

Inmates at the Rockland County jail are taunting corrections officers by saying they know the guards’ home addresses — information they got from the list published by Westchester-based newspaper, Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco said.

“Since about 9:30 this morning, I’ve been in a meeting with my corrections officers and their unions. They have inmates coming up to them and telling them exactly where they live. That’s not acceptable to me,” Falco said at a news conference Friday morning in New City, where local leaders condemned the list.

via Journal News gun permit map endangers officers, officials say.

I don’t think police and corrections officers have any greater right to privacy than your average citizen, but this does point out the risks the Journal News is willing to take with other peoples safety and well being, all in the name of smugly thinking they alone have society’s best interests at heart.

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  1. I don’t think it affects just the corrections officers. What about the judge, police, witnesses, and possibly jurors that put them there. Wonder how long it will be until there is a lawsuit of the paper after someone gets shot from info published.

    1. Doesn’t really matter, to be honest.

      Thing is, the paper has an absolute right to print that information, because it’s all public records. Should they have printed it? Depends entirely on your point of view. From their point of view, absolutely. They’re attempting to achieve a political end by demonizing gun owners. Fortunately, it looks like it might be backfiring sommat.

      Another question to think about: marriage licenses are public records as well. What do you think the outcome would be if they printed all the home addresses of married gay couples?

    2. Rusty, if that happened the queers would be squealing “homophobia” and that would end it. Gun owners, OToH, are not a “protected” class. Frankly, the Police and others like them should be drug into this. It places them on the same level as the rest of the civilian world and they need to give some thought how they conduct themselves with the rest of the world. Too many of them are just costumed goons.

  2. Well as a retired “costumed goon” I take offense to what this newspaper has done. We go to great lengths to make sure our personal info is’nt available to these dirtbags. Our phone numbers are unlisted, and, in my state, you can’t access our drivers license info in the computer unless it’s law enforcement related. Those guys aren’t in jail for sleeping in sunday school. They’re bad dudes.

    1. Do I like what they did? No, of course not … but I really have to say that it doesn’t break my heart that you – and other – LEO’s are now playing on the same field that I am.

      All too often degredations of the people’s rights get rammed through either in the name of officer safety, or because the police agencies tell the voters that it’s a good idea and of course we all trust the police absolutely. It has created two separate classes of citizen: cops, and little people. Well, now the cops in that corner of the world are just as “little” as the rest of us, and there was nothing illegal about what they did.

      Welcome to the America that the rest of us live in. 🙂

    2. OCCD,

      Once upon a time, I was firmly in the corner of Law Enforcement and the people who worked in it. But I have seen in the past fifteen years or so an increasingly militarized bent to it, which is followed far more often by LEOs playing fast and loose with Constitutional liberties. Warrantless searches, DUI checkpoints, asking about weapons during traffic stops. Reference to themselves as “operators” and the public as “civilians”. All of that is a most dangerous precedent. News flash: Cops are all civilians. They wanna be “operators”? Go join the D-guys. Otherwise, protect and serve like you are supposed to. And uphold the law. I now hold LEOs with a certain amount of suspicion, because that is precisely they way I have been treated. Never convicted or charged with a crime, never even arrested, decorated combat veteran, Purple Heart. Talked to in a f-ing TRAFFIC STOP like I am a perp. And it isn’t an isolated incident. The take down of that house in Phoenix where the Marine was killed by a trigger happy “SWAT” team was murder. And that is not the only instance. Officers carry off duty to protect themselves. But many, especially vocal ones these days, want to deny me the same right, though guaranteed by the Constitution. So when you say “We go to great lengths to make sure our personal info isn’t available to these dirtbags”, I think in not too dissimilar terms about having Law Enforcement knowing whether or not I own a firearm, let alone how many of what kind. None of their damned business, and the only purpose it serves is for later confiscation. A tyrannical step which a shamefully large number of LEOs will be complicit in.

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