DTA & DTM 3080 Yards with HTI .375 CheyTac | Com-Link

Recent news has been reported of two Australian Snipers who shot and killed a Taliban commander at a record distance of 3079 yards during a simultaneous command fire. They were firing two Barrett M107 .50 BMG rifles. There has been a lot of debate whether the equipment used had the accuracy or sighting capability to make such a shot even possible. Australia has some very capable snipers and we aren’t here to be a part of that debate, we just got overly excited about the news because we wanted to see what kind of accuracy was really possible at 3079 yards so we headed out to the Utah desert with our DTA HTI .375CT rifle and DTM ammo in hand to see what we could do.

via DTA & DTM 3080 Yards with HTI .375 CheyTac | Com-Link.

As it turns out, they could do pretty well!There’s lots more, and lots of video at the link.

The longest shooting I’ve done was 700 yards on the KD range at Ft. Benning, GA using an M16A1, the 55gr M193 round, and iron sights. Surprisingly, I hit 10 of 10. I’ve never been much of a shot, so that was a very pleasant surprise.

Of course, shooting on a KD range, and shooting “in the field” are two different things, and shooting looooong range is an entirely different art form.

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