News Article: Uniform Wear Policies Vary Among Military Services

Goodbye casual Fridays, at least for the Marine Corps.

Effective today, all nondeployed Marines and sailors assigned to Marine units are required to wear the appropriate seasonal service uniform.

Except in cases where commanders allow exceptions based on operational requirements, active- as well as reserve-component Marines will show up for duty every Friday wearing service uniforms.

via News Article: Uniform Wear Policies Vary Among Military Services.

While I think it’s a good idea to remember that all those non-cammie uniforms exist for a reason besides hanging in a wall locker, once a week seems a bit much for anyone that doesn’t work in an office environment.


5 thoughts on “ News Article: Uniform Wear Policies Vary Among Military Services”

  1. Not a new thing. Usedta-was the standard. The leaders’ way of making sure you had the required uniforms, they were serviceable, you knew how to wear it, and you fit into it.

    Wear to formation, and in admin spaces, a bit of extra time to change into coveralls for the MT and arty mechs and associated working bubbas.

  2. Twenty years back in Intel at Gordon, we wore Class B’s on Thursdays only. Except when I was TDY up at Meade. Then it was reversed. BDUs on Thursdays. I’ve got no objection to the concept in general. But seriously, someone is going to get a stick up the butt and ding troops in the motorpool for not being in “Uniform of the Day”. Mark my words. It’s going to happen.

  3. It can have it’s uses, but generally a pain. Last time we came to work in Class Bs, it was mandated by the corps headquarters (III Corps, not Marine Corps), and the results were pretty ugly. Aside from being on a day that we had more pressing things to do, none of which should have been in B, there were some folks who clearly had not checked out the fit of their uniforms in a long while.

    1. MOst of us here knew you meant Army Corps. You might have to worry a bit about URR as he has this thing about Corps being more along the lines of Corps®

      They’re just made that way. You just have to live with it.

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