A sense of humor helps

Chris Hadfield is one of only nine Canadian astronauts and has many records for Canada under his belt. First Canadian astronaut to spacewalk. CAPCOM for 25 Space Shuttle missions. Tied with Marc Garneau for number of trips to space. In March, when the Expedition 34 crew departs for Earth, Hadfield will become the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station.

Before the Expedition 35 crew launch, the Globe and Mail published this article by Hadfield’s son Evan. Most kids don’t think twice about Dad getting in the car to drive to work, but strapping into a Soyuz? Another matter entirely. I’m sure our readers with military parents can identify with that fear. Reading that article reminded me of the family scenes in “Apollo 13”, as well as nearly getting into a fistfight in college after the Challenger accident. (Someone who should have known better told the joke, “What does NASA stand for? Need Another Seven Astronauts” within earshot.)

Anyway, the Soyuz launched safely, and the crew has been busy on ISS. Hadfield’s Twitter is @Cmdr_Hadfield. Yesterday, he responded to a twitter from fellow Canuck William Shatner. (thanks, XBrad, for the link.)
shatner tweet

This morning he continued his good humor with this one.
red shirt

Hahahahaha. Godspeed, sir.

10 thoughts on “A sense of humor helps”

  1. He was in full Trek-geek mode for tweeting that joke, as were you, Roamy, for posting it, as was I for laughing at it.

    I felt my neck getting smaller just then….

  2. I note that he didn’t say he detected any signs of intelligent life.

    Mike’s right too. As long as he doesn’t go with Kirk, Spock, and Scotty to the planet in his red shirt, he’ll be OK.

    1. Oh, Jesus, a lot more died on board ENTERPRISE than just the ones that Nomad killed.

      The M5 killed at least one. A couple of them got beamed into empty space when they were hallucinating that E was still in orbit in that one where the kids were mindf*cking the crew. The one with the really super-fast alien things, one of the red shirts died on the E there, too. I’m sure I could find some more, if I really put my mind – and nerd cred – to it. 😀

      1. I can forgive you not knowing every single death in TOS, but you should have at least had THIS bookmarked.

        Turn in your NerdCard at the front desk.

    1. I thought that bursting was caused by all the sap freezing and expanding? Now y’all tell me it’s just pride?

    2. “y’all” is a Southernism and it’s use if forbidden to residents in Kalistan. Brad is OK since he has family in Alabama, but Kalistanis are closely realted to Yankees and such speech is reserved for Southrons.

  3. Oh please. I’m a carpetbagger. I spent the best part of a decade in South Carolina, Florida and Mississippi. I still eat grits every chance I get.

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