Your not quite Daily Dose of Demo

Roamy gets antsy if I don’t post some splodey from time to time, but the truth is, I’m tired of warporn, and most of the other splodey out there is old. But CDI at least has some good stuff for us.


I’ll be honest, it bothers me not a whit to see some ugly office tower or post-war apartment block come tumbling down. But so many of the pre-war office and department store buildings… the architecture had character. We’ll not see the likes of them again. Yes, they’ve outlived their usefulness, and utilitarianism says their replacements should prize functionality. But would some sacrifice to aesthetics be wrong?

[Update]- I meant to mention this last night, but at the 1:47 mark, that’s the old observation tower at Gettysburg. Some people decried it as an eyesore, so down it came. Personally, I found it an interesting structure, in that it used the same basic “woven rod” construction of the fire control tops of pre-WWII battleships before modernization.

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  1. When it comes to warpr0n, I can take it or leave it. I like ‘splodey quite a bit and that love passed to my son who took a course in controlled demo while he was at UM Rolla. He emailed some plans to me and asked some questions as to how I would bring it down and I could only speak in generalities. I think he did that just to entertain his old man 🙂

    I saw a clip showing Riverfront Stadium being brought down, but had never seen it reversed. That was neat!

    When I was at the Castle the Armorer, my son and I talked briefly about Controlled demo. John took training on how to do it as well. I got a chuckle out of that when he told us about it.

    It is challenging work and would have liked to get into that sort of stuff, but, alas, the body hasn’t cooperated with my desires. sigh…

  2. That is nothing short of amazing. There is certainly an art involved in setting the charges and the timing necessary to achieve the desired result.

    I suspect that there were several instances where Hollywood saw the opportunity to piggyback and had the company liberally use gasoline to make the huge fire balls. It looks so much more “realistic” on the big screen doncha know.

  3. Conspiracy folks should see this. Their claims to controlled demo bringing down the towers go out the window. All these had the bottoms taken out first, not a single one pancaked top down.

    1. Yep. Further, most towers are “sliced” down the middle.

      But there’s no reasoning a person out of a flawed position they didn’t reason themselves into in the first place.

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