U.S. Navy Gives LCS-1 A Makeover

As the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS-1) USS Freedom got under way in late November for ship-and-crew-deployment certification trials, it was clear that the LCS program team had made a priority of fixing some major ship issues noted earlier in the year by Aviation Week during an unsanctioned guided tour of the ship while it was in a U.S. Navy dry dock in San Diego.

After first denying the veracity of many of Aviation Week’s observations, Navy officials said they would make repairs for most of the problems a priority. Most of the major issues have been fixed or are scheduled to be addressed.

For example, Aviation Week had noted extensive corrosion throughout many parts of the ship. “LCS-1 was designed and built with an active anti-corrosion system, which was further extended during post-delivery to address additional areas of concern,” the Navy says. “This system is in the baseline for LCS-3 and follow hulls. Minor corrosion was also experienced in limited areas of the ship, which have been addressed through modifications to the paint schedule and material … [which also] are in the baseline for LCS-3 and follow hulls.”

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  1. Here’s quite a gem:

    “Experience operating the Sauer air-cooled compressors indicates they overheat in hot climates — will shut down due to their location in the Freedom-class main machinery space, which is not air-conditioned.” The system, the source notes, has not yet been tested while deployed to warm-weather climates.

    In response, the Navy says, “The Sauer system meets all operational and maintenance requirements.”

    Admiral Hart, call your office.

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