Charles Durning, D-Day and Ardennes Veteran, German POW, Character Actor, dies at 89


Very sad news of the death of one of the great character actors of all time.  Charles Durning, whose distinctive face and everyman countenance made him one of Hollywood’s greatest and most recognized character actors, has died at 89.   His movie credits include The Sting, Dog Day Afternoon, Tootsie, The Choirboys, and countless others.  Durning also did extensive work in television.  His portrayal in an episode of NCIS of Iwo Jima Veteran and Marine Corporal Ernie Yost, Medal of Honor Recipient who, following the death of his wife, believes he killed his best friend on the island in 1945, is incredibly moving.  The episode is by far the best in the long run of the acclaimed series.

Durning was born in 1923 to a father who lost a leg and survived the gas of the World War I trenches.  After a hard young life filled with the early death of his father and several sisters, Durning served in the Army in World War II.

He was among the first wave of U.S. soldiers to land at Normandy during the D-Day invasion and the only member of his Army unit to survive. He killed several Germans and was wounded in the leg. Later he was bayoneted by a young German soldier whom he killed with a rock. He was captured in the Battle of the Bulge and survived a massacre of prisoners.

In later years, he refused to discuss the military service for which he was awarded the Silver Star and three Purple Hearts.

“Too many bad memories,” he told an interviewer in 1997. “I don’t want you to see me crying.”
So many in Hollywood today consider themselves filled with “demons”.   Here was a man who truly had them, but never let them stop him, nor did he publicly use them as an excuse for the hedonistic and despicable behavior that is all too common among celebrity.
His greatness on the stage and screen is matched by who he was off it.   A brave and humble American hero.   He shall be missed.

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  1. One of my favorite actors. He had so many good roles and, in my book, played them to perfection.

    God Speed Mr Durning, God Speed!

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