Load HEAT- Santa’s Helper Edition

There are twelve days and nights of Christmas.  So, I present to you visions of some very nice sugar plums to dance in your head.   There are even workshops, apparently, to help these lovelies learn to North Pole-dance.


Those stockings appear to have been hung with considerable care.


Lovely ornaments.  And look!  Mistletoe.


Baby’s first Christmas?  She seems nervous.  Oh, and save that wrapping.  It’s expensive!


Sensible fur linings.  It’s cold at the North Pole.  Yes, that’s Jessica on the right.


Getting those down the chimney is part of the magic of Christmas morning.


Oh, those reindeer games.  And didn’t you used to get a lump of coal when you were naughty?  Or is she the gift for being nice?

Merry Christmas, everybody!   May you get just what you want this year!   HO! HO! HO!  There, I said it!

9 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Santa’s Helper Edition”

  1. NORAD TRACKS SANTA say that the Man in the Red Suit has set out on his trip.
    Is it just me, or is the plane in silhoutte on the NORAD Tracks Sants site a SU-15 FLAGON?

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