Kerry to SecState?

Word is, President Obama will nominate Massachusetts Senator and failed Democrat candidate for President John F. Kerry for Secretary of State today.

Eh, why not? Here’s the thing. President Obama has shown a remarkable tendency to operate outside the usual cabinet structure. He prefers to do most business via his insider circle of appointees, preferably those not subject to Senate confirmation. The Secretaries end up just implementing whatever policy they are handed.

And of the possible nominees for SecState, Kerry at least has the advantage of being highly likely to get through the confirmation process with little fuss. The comity of the Senate means no one is going to press him too hard on his qualifications, which, from here appear to be tissue thin. His record consists of being wrong on just about every important issue, which fits in well with the rest of the current administration.

We might also hear who will be replacing Petraeus at CIA. No idea who they’ll chose for that.

And rumors are still swirling over who will take Leon Pannetta’s place at DoD.

2 thoughts on “Kerry to SecState?”

  1. About John Kerry, following the advise of “if you can’t say anything nice…”


  2. Kerry has the two most important qualifications needed for a cabinet post in Zer0’s maladsminstration.

    1. He breathes
    2. He’s an idiot

    The biggest reason I despise the man is Winter Soldier where he lied through his teeth about our men in Vietnam. Meeting with the enemy in Paris while we were at war with them is enough for me to walk him to scaffold. I’d hang him beside Hanoi Fonda. George McGovern and Ted Kennedy would join them if they hadn’t already split hell wide open.

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