Found a nice (older) pic at Theo’s of an F-111 out of Mountain Home AFB, ID, laying some Mk 82s on the range.


Click to GREATLY embiggenfy.

Which reminded me of this video I saw yesterday.


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  1. Yes, I must go with a “no s _ _ _ there I was story.” My airborne unit was performing a C-130 parachute drop for the (then, now Commemorative) Confederate Air Force Show in Harlingen, TX. I am the DZSO (Drop Zone Safety Officer) with utter control (minus Airsho dictates), of the DZ. Drop happens with a full load of paratroopers (64 in a C-130 Single Door Exit) and as I watch the last few jumpers exit my “antennae” kind of perks up and I turn 180 to look back up the runway (which was the DZ that day) and an F-111 which was to fly “top cover” for the drop had dropped to the deck and was smokin’ along the main runway not much above 15 ft. or so….I mean earthworms were ducking for cover. I knew as it passed I would get hit with the sound of the engines, and the image of the two crewmembers with their “shade shields” down, looking like teenagers speeding on “main street” was merely an indication of things to come. I noticed a “heat plume” behind the A/C and I had time to turn and bend over and duck as the F-111 went by with a “no kidding” roar but what happened then, I never expected. I was hit with a “heat plume” that really made me wonder if I might be injured (but wasn’t) and I have to say….I cheered those guys….best freakin’ “buzz job” I ever had and I have had some goodun’s (a very low C-130 that was going to Davis-Monthan after its last mission, a Czech Republic crewed Mi-17 that seemed to sense they were out to beat all previous US supplied “buzz jobs” and a couple of DC-3’s and a cargo 727 in my wonderfully misspent skydiving time. So my F-111 crew whose names I never got, I now (as I’ve many times done before) again lift a glass to you….righteous my friends….absolutely righteous!! Can’t believe to this day what the government paid me to do in my military career….I should give back my retirement checks.

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