Brigadier General Sinclair to face Court-Martial

From the WaPo.

An Army general will face court-martial on a series of sexual misconduct charges, including forcible sodomy, in connection with several illicit affairs, and could receive life in prison if convicted, the Army said Tuesday.

Included in the allegations against Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair are that he carried on affairs with and mistreated subordinate officers and later tried to impede the investigation of some of the offenses by deleting nude photos and other emails.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of the last general officer to face a court-martial under the UCMJ*

The conclusion of the Article 32 hearing, the referral by LTG Daniel B. Allyn, the 18th Airborne Corps commanding general, is the rough equivalent to an indictment by a grand jury.  Whether BG Sinclair arranges a plea-bargain for a guilty plea to lesser charges, or rolls the dice and faces the court is an open question.  But given the propensity of various courts and commanders to lean toward leniency for senior officers in recent years, he’s got to be pretty tempted to go to court. There is only one real witness against him for the most serious charges, and defense lawyers would love a chance to destroy her credibility on the stand.

Stay tuned.


*In fact, the only General Officer to face a court-martial that pops into my head is Billy Mitchell, but that was under a different legal code. And I don’t feel like googling to find out any other cases.

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  1. Maj. Gen. R.E. Hale, according to the ABC article I found on Sinclair (forcible sodomy charges, yikes!), was the last general to be courtmartialed. It was for seven counts of Conduct Unbecoming based on an adulterous relationship. This was back in 1999.

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