10 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Jamie Lee Curtis”

    1. She does project a knowing sensuality. She has changed since Trading Places, but a mature male can appreciate a life well lived.

      Her belief system and mine would certainly clash if we met IRL.

  1. I miss things at my age…is she holding hands with a daughter, neice etc. She is married to Christopher Guest who played a great Navy Doctor in “A Few Good Men.”

    1. The woman she’s holding hands with looks like she has more miles on her than Curtis does. It’s been a long time since she has made her self up in a becoming fashion. Sh’es much thinner than I like in a woman (the last rule 5 post over at The Camp Of The Saints has a nice hottie that’s a lot more to my liking – Melissa Debling) and she seemed to emphasize that with her hairstyles and the outfits she wore. The pic above with her in a Teddy is OK, but that’s about it for me. Different strokes and all that.

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