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CAMP PENDLETON, CA – Marines from the Lone Star State are enraged today after reports emerged indicating that one of their own does not relentlessly announce his Texas heritage to everyone within earshot.

Lance Corporal Stuart G. Shaw, a Rifleman with 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, is receiving unfriendly fire after it was revealed that he was a native Texan—something he failed to announce on his own. Shaw, who was born and raised in San Marcos, TX, says the whole controversy is being blown out of proportion.

“This has been really rough on me and my family,” says the twenty-one year old. “All of my fellow Texans have shut me out. They hiss at me when I walk past. They call me ‘traitor’ and ‘sellout.’ Some have even thrown their empty Shiner bottles at me. I don’t know where all this hate is coming from.”

The controversy started when Shaw and a group of other Marines went out to a local bar and were asked to present identification. As Shaw pulled out his ID, a fellow Marine spotted the Texas driver’s license and word quickly spread.

“That dog just won’t hunt,” says Corporal Robby Garcia of Stanton. “That kid would steal the nickels off a dead man’s eyes. He’s so low you’d need a coal mine railroad to find him. He has been in the Marine Corps for over two years and never bothered no one about being from Texas. I tell you what, man. As a dang ol’ Texan, it is not only our right, but our duty to shove our heritage in peoples’ faces. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some high school football to watch.”

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I can assure you, the Army has never had this issue. Not once.

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  1. It is a rarity to be sure. Which is why it is noteworthy. Texans invariably refer to anyone who was born or who lived for any time north of Maryland as being from “up North, somewheres”.

    1. My daddy always said there were two kinds of people from up north. Yankees and damn Yankees. The Yankees came down and eventually left to go home, the damn Yankees are the ones who stayed.

  2. I don’t get off post much so I don’t truly appreciate Texas yet, but having driven home from the rail head today with the top down, I think I could get used to Texas winters. Summers, not so much.

  3. There are two types of people you always see announcing themselves: Texans, and sex offenders. Just saying.

  4. I had a buddy who was from West Virginia, but had a sense of humor about it. We’d make West Virginia jokes around him, and he’d go “Hey! My Uncle Dad don’t like them kinda jokes!”

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