We Are The World…


At least when it comes to paying for it.

Not unrelated to the last post, but on a grander, costlier, more easily manipulated scale.

Let’s see…  now we have UN initiatives on:

  • Universal health care
  • Climate change
  • Gun control
  • Free speech
  • Sea control/mineral rights

And a number of other things….

Because the UN is the organization to which we should surrender our national sovereignty.   Being that they are so even-handed, non-partisan, and without a hint of anti-Israeli or anti-Semitic rancor, and without any trace of anti-American sentiment.  They, with a “Human Rights Council” that includes or has included Nigeria, Pakistan, Cuba, Uganda, and Angola.

The UN will want the wealthiest nations to pay the most for all of the above, natch, without any say as to where the money goes, nor how it is spent.   Sound familiar?

Post-American world, indeed.  I do believe he considers that a textbook.

6 thoughts on “We Are The World…”

  1. i would guess i’m somewhat to the left of the vast majority of your readers (sorry, i’m a dirty socialist commie britisher with my nhs and extreme gun laws… !) but as bad as you think the UN is, i assure you it’s still better than that cesspool of fraud, incompetence and sheer arrogance that is the EU (european union) … it was recently calculated in the 30 years since the uk joined, we have given a NET of £100 billion to them, and what do we get in return? sweet Fanny Adams, told how to run our country, constant patronising french insults, no border controls, no home justice rulings, human rights meaning foreign criminals get to live here if they own a pet cat (honest!) … so erm be thankful for small mercies …

    1. To say the UN is better than the EU is damning with faint praise as the UN has shown itself to be corrupt and utterly incompetent at everything it tries to do. We’ve given far more to the UN than the UK has given to the EU and have gotten less than nothing for it.

    2. quartermaster – the money is a sore point with many british folks, but the main problem is the interference of non-elected EU officials in our daily lives, the bureaucracy and over-ruling of our own laws for instance (like the bloody stupid human rights legislation we were forced to adopt). this is what i should have emphasised when i say at least you don’t have this with the UN – i hope that’s a bit clearer. cheers!

  2. ” but the main problem is the interference of non-elected EU officials in our daily lives, the bureaucracy and over-ruling of our own laws for instance ”

    don’t worry elizzar the UN is trying to make up for lost time and opportunity –
    check out agenda 21:

    the UN links to the original document(s) are being removed – go figure

    Re: US payment to the UN – $7.69 Billion in 2010, $6.35 billion in 2009, $5.33 in 2005, $4.12 in 2004 – the growth curve is disturbing.
    data from: http://www.eyeontheun.org/facts.asp?1=1&p=15
    i checked the OMB submission for 2010 – that # looks accurate.

    (Sorry, Jam, askimet doesn’t like more than one link in the comments.)

  3. What if Citizens of the United States of America don’t want a Post American world?
    What if The citizens decide on a Post Obama world?
    Twas up to me the UN would have it’s HQ in Gaza.

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