Give him your sandwich and get pulling on that wagon!


Dinesh D’Sousa boils down the problem with Obama, Obamacare, the “Occupy Movement”, wealth redistribution, socialism, communism, class warfare, and higher taxes on the makers to pay for the takers.

He also mentions that the Paul of “pay Paul” fame becomes a perpetual supporter of whoever promises him the most.   Nothing to do with “Southern Strategy” or Lee Atwater, or War on Women.  That immutable fact is the most dangerous aspect of all of the election fallout.

Worth every second of the six minutes.


H/T:  Andy H.

4 thoughts on “Give him your sandwich and get pulling on that wagon!”

  1. We have to stop pulling the wagon, without getting in.
    What’s surprising is that debate took place in The Peoples Republic of Oregon.

  2. Thanks for sharing that video. He actually spoke simply enough for the morons in Oregon to understand.

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