Road Trip

Had to take a bit of an unexpected road trip on very short notice.

Which kinda made it hard to post anything yesterday (I schedule LH a day or two in advance usually). Thanks to URR and RFH for covering!

I’ll probably be tied up a bit today as well.

Anybody else been on a good road trip lately? Ever just hop in the car and head out for destinations unknown? Get lost on a back road?

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  1. Trevor,

    Been on those roads a considerable amount myself. The place I never wanted to get stuck was Amboy. And wind up being the main feature at a People-cue in the crater!!!

    1. When I was there (88-90) I always enjoyed seeing the sign, in red spray paint that said “No cops haul ass”, on Amboy road, not long after leaving town. I think it was at the top of the mountain near these coordinates: 34°13’28.47″N 115°43’13.06″W
      The fastest I ever went, in an 89 ford tempo, was a little over 90. Until my ex-wife started screaming at me. Something about me being crazy, driving dangerous, blah blah blah.
      Did you ever take the Kelso Cima Rd – Morningstar Mine Rd shortcut to I-15? Not a bad route. Although, I think that was the road I almost plowed into a herd of cattle at 70 mph. The ex screamed at me about that one too.

  2. Colorado vacation in 2000. We had just seen the B-24 Museum in Pueblo, and I decided to take a little back road to Cripple Creek to see the railroad rather than drive the long way around using the interstate. Phantom Canyon Road. It was terrifying and absolutely gorgeous at the same time. One lane road through the wilderness. Sometimes looking at nothing but mountain through the windshield. We had to back up to let another car by and couldn’t understand why *they* didn’t back up, until they asked where the nearest service station was. They were coasting all the way down the mountain.

  3. Trevor,

    I have indeed driven the “back way” to I-15. Morningside Mine Rd (if I recall correctly) had a parallel dirt road for about ten or fifteen miles. On our sojourns out there to get to I-15, a buddy of mine had a late 70s Bronco, and he would start humming the theme to “The A-Team” and pull onto the dirt road and drive like a bat out of hell over the little hills and dips. Huge rooster tail and we were bouncing around pretty good. We called it “A-teaming”.

    Was there 87 to 89. Looked for Rother twice. Was with 5/11 when they were there. Who were you with?

    1. Are you kidding me? Some of your Battery Officers were damned good friends of mine. Remember Lt Zelinski? Big guy? Football player? Your CO was the older guy, Captain Grubbs.

    2. I remember Captain Grubbs. I think he promoted me To Lance Corporal. I sorta remember Lt. Zaleski. Was he the Battery XO? What battery were you in? I sure do miss that 8 inch howitzer.

  4. Next road trip is to NTC. The drive from Southern California Logistics Airport to Fort Irwin is miserable, and it doesn’t get any better when you top the last rise and see the post in front of you in all its crappy glory.

  5. I was in P 5/11. We had M109s. Later, I became the XO of R 5/12 when their XO was relieved after the gunner was killed by the baseplate because he fired at targets too close to the battery position.

    1. I remember when that happened. We were in the field, kinda far away but still within visual distance of them. If I remember right, they were doing direct fire into the side of a mountain.

  6. I can’t say I’ve ever been lost. I’ve done some spontaneous exploration, but it’s hard to get lost when you always know where you are: right here.

  7. Trevor,

    You remember correctly. 362 meters from the battery position. Well inside the 1000m fuze function restriction. The baseplate of the projo flew back so true along the back azimuth of fire that it grazed the side of the tube and took off the gunner’s sight before hitting the Marine in the chest. He was in a flak but the impact crushed him.

  8. Remember it well. Crack in the fuze well of the projo caused the setback of firing to detonate the sup charge and the projectile about three feet from the end of the bore. It was after dark and I was hanging out the back of my FDC teaching a couple of my junior Devil Dogs sound ranging, using R/5/11’s muzzle flashes. The next one was a crack-BOOM! in very quick succession. And a big ball of flame. Far right gun firing far right deflection. Not a soul was hurt. But we could hear the hiss of itty-bitty hot fragments coming down on the FDC tent canvas. We were about 700 meters away.

    November 5/11 had an inbore in a M109 less than a month later which blew the tube off the gun. Nobody really hurt in that one either. St Barbara got some gracious toasts that year!

  9. See the dangers we endure to provide fire support to you snuffies?

    And yes, His hand was in the mix that night.

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