Hey Bob Costas, Hand Over Your Car Keys


Recently, NBC football announcer Bob Costas went on an anti-gun rant following the tragic murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, and his 22-year old girlfriend (one of a number, apparently) who as also the mother of his infant child.

Costas, of course, is no stranger to parroting the far-left meme.  His quoting of the Fox Sports reporter Kevin Whitlock, he of the “NRA is the KKK”, tells you much of what you might not already have known about Costas and the intellectual rigor he gives his opinions before opening his mouth.

Belcher was drunk the night before the incident, and was at the house of another woman, before the confrontation with his child’s mother, whom he lived with.   Personal responsibility on the part of Belcher?  Nosiree.  No need for that.  None of his doing.  Costas’ conclusion?  The handgun is the problem.  Not just Belcher’s handgun, but mine and yours.   We shouldn’t have them.  For our own safety, of course.    Mayhem, don’tcha know.

Well, now there is another tragedy involving an NFL player, and intoxication, and the untimely death of a young person.   Seems Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent got good and loaded, along with college and Cowboys teammate linebacker Jerry Brown.   Somewhat predictably, Brent crashed the car.  The accident killed Brown, aged 25.

So, Bob Costas.  Hand over the keys to your cars.  Because if Josh Brent didn’t have a car, Jerry Brown would still be alive.  Those damned automobiles, using your logic. pose a danger to us all.   Sure enough, compared to the fewer than 600 accidental firearms deaths of all types in 2011, there were more than 32,000 highway deaths.   You have no business having such a deadly instrument in your possession.   Mayhem, don’tcha know.

Of course you won’t turn over those deadly automobiles.  Because, well, you are a hypocritical and sanctimonious intellectual dilettante, like so many in the professional journalism business.   The rules should be yours to make, but should only apply to we, the great unwashed.  The post I was writing before I decided to post about Bill’s gift contained the following paragraph:

One has to wonder what the effect would be if, the next time a professional athlete in a major sport gets arrested for drunk driving (which will happen any minute now), someone came and confiscated all of Costas’ cars.  After all, if Ted Kennedy didn’t own a car, Mary Jo Kopechne would still be alive.   Or maybe, the next time Costas or any other broadcaster says something stupid, someone will sew Costas’ lips shut.

One can only hope…

13 thoughts on “Hey Bob Costas, Hand Over Your Car Keys”

  1. We need to stop glamorizing cars in this country — this kind of thing would not happen if we all rode around in buses and walked. The wild west car culture in this country is to blame, cars are made just to kill people — it is far too easy to get a car in this country. Only the military should have cars.The NFL players are not responsible for their actions — many are still in their twenties and cannot be held responsible.

  2. “A well-regulated highway system, being necessary to the security of a free state; the right of the people to keep and drive cars shall not be infringed.”

  3. “Honey, I’m just an entertainer. I prefer to keep my views to myself.”

    That was the response of a well-known singer in the late sixties. (EP).
    If Costas could just get that. He is a sports commentator. He is paid to commentate on sports. Period. So let him commentate on sports and keep everything else to himself.

    And, to your point, the terrorists of 911 took over the plane using box cutters. They would have used guns or knives if they had been viable, but they weren’t. So the evil bastards used something else to achieve their end.

    I have a gun under the seat in my vehicle. It is just sitting there, inanimate, waiting for me to command it. It has never once fired unless I commanded it.
    It never will.

    People kill.

    1. No, no. “Sports car ban”. Which will include anything over 200 hp. Or with a four-speed transmission. Or capable of speeds above 80mph. Doesn’t matter what vehicle it is, that will be defined as a “sports car” and banned. For our own safety, of course.

    2. That’s a little extreme, UMR. I suggest a national instant background check and 5 day “cooling off’ waiting period. Oh, and the “used sport car loophole” would need to be closed.

  4. Mush, that is just for starters. How about a thousand percent tax on gasoline, and suing automotive manufacturers for the money spent on all the people who get hurt and killed in accidents because the drivers didn’t obey the law. Plus, charge $800 for a driver’s license, and make them renew it every two years. That’ll discourage people from owning cars.

    1. Despite the fact you must carry a valid driver’s license to drive and that you can have it taken away, people still kill other people with cars every day.

    2. don’t forget to tax aftermarket mods for cars. Bolt-on horsepower. Synthetic oils, too, since only sports cars use that. I’d hate to see my favorite “American Muscle” go under, but it is all for the common welfare, so I guess I will have to sacrifice.

    3. There should be a car buy-back program. You bring in whatever car you have laying around, no questions asked, and the state will pay you taxpayer monies in exchange.
      Why does that sound so familiar?

  5. Chicago has had a number of auto buy-back programs in order to keep cars off the streets. Yet gangs still drive cars.

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