Pyongyang Style


It seems viral South Korean rapper sensation PSY dislikes America intensely.

“Kill those f***ing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/Kill those f***ing Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers/Kill them all slowly and painfully,” he raps.

One has to imagine that he has no real understanding of the nearly 38,000 Americans who died to keep the North Koreans from enslaving his parents and grandparents six decades ago, or the willingness of the US to again put its young men and women into harm’s way to prevent it now.  Seems that celebrity is little differing half a world away than from what it is here.  Spoiled, ignorant, wildly rich young people feeling obliged to offer idiotic opinions because they have a microphone in front of them.

It is too bad there wasn’t some process by which ol’ PSY could be stripped of his celebrity and dumped into Nampo or Hungnam, just to see all the wonders that those terrible Americans deprived him of.  Methinks he would have considerably fewer chins shortly after arriving, what with the mass starvation and all.


It is also somewhat likely that his complaints and protests would not go over quite as well in his new surroundings.   The next video he might star in would be of considerably lower quality, as well.  And not get nearly the youtube hits that his big one did.


But hey.  That’s Pyongyang Style.  All the rage up North.


Yep, seems PSY is invited to the White House for the Inauguration.   According to Tampa Bay Online, anyway.    Well, then.   I am sure he didn’t really MEAN to advocate the killing of American leaders, military, and their families.

OBAMA 1917v2

But then again, there ain’t no party like a Communist Party!

10 thoughts on “Pyongyang Style”

  1. PSY’s scheduled to perform at the Obama White house Christmas special as a favored guest of the POTUS. He will fit right in!
    Koreans by and large are the most racist of nations.
    I still say we need to pull out of RoK and sign a separate peace treaty with the NorKs and let the two countries fight it out cage match style, they can both bring their Nukes!

    1. Dude. You let ROK go down the tubes, and you can pretty well say goodbye to your intarwebs. You have any idea how much of the world’s RAM and hard drive production comes from Samsung alone? Never mind any of the other manufacturers in ROK …

  2. Nawww… RoK is worth the effort. Despite their occasional celebrity idiocy.

    PSY at the White House? He will fit right in. He hates our military, they hate our military. He has no problem with dead Americans, they have no problem with dead Americans. Biden will probably think he is Kim Jong-un.

  3. To be fair the BBC are reporting he has apologised for the performance. He also apparently went to college in the US? I guess its whether you believe the sincerity of any apology. You could always wonder about the anti-US performance in the first place, if it was opportunism / to sell some records. It’s not a phenomenon unique to any country / culture – recent comments from certain Hollywood types re: the Falkland Islands spring to mind … , just to get in the news / have a movie to sell.

    1. Reserve the right not to care. He is responsible for what he says and does. Had he rapped about how Hitler was right, just because he had records to sell, he would have been called a Nazi, and with good reason. He apologizes now because he thinks it will put him in good graces with people who will give him a lot of money. Nothing more.

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