Sick Call

Your humble host has managed to pinch a nerve in his neck and is in considerable pain. It’s funny, I’ve always prided myself on a fairly high tolerance for pain. But while short term pain, like smacking my thumb with a hammer, is easy to shrug off, anything approaching chronic pain, like the last 3 days of neck pain, makes us a whimpering baby. How our wounded guys tolerate it without becoming utterly strung out on drugs is a miracle. I’m not  a big fan of pain medications, but, apparently, I am a big fan of whining.

At any rate, I’m probably gonna take the rest of the day off.

4 thoughts on “Sick Call”

  1. I feel your pain. I had a pinched nerve at C5/C6 back in 2004. Had a disc removed and the two fused. Just had the back fixed, where the spinal cord itself was being compromised and have L5/S1 fused after another disc removal. You can paliate it for awhile, but you will eventually call on the services of a Neurosurgeon. That’s the only permanent solution, alas.

    The plus side is you have the opportunity to get narcotics afterwards. Just don’t let them plug you up as a friend had happen to him.

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