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Looks like real life is going to interfere with my normal routine, so today you get links.

Four Guns Every Shooter Should Own– I agree with the premise that you should have a good long gun, a good plinker, a good shotgun and a good pistol. I’m not sold completely on his choices (they aren’t bad, mind you) but I’m far more willing to allow the shooter to choose alternatives.


Eric L. Palmer has a good post on how the JSF F-35 program went from being the low cost replacement for the F-16 and F/A-18 to the most expensive procurement program in history.


And via ELP, a nice collection of pics showing just how hard vehicle recovery can be. All the heavy lifting is done by other vehicles, but trust me, there is always a lot of hard physical labor involved.


LC Aggie Sith was in a car accident last night. She’s banged up and bruised, but no serious injuries. But she could probably use some prayers and good thoughts. Maybe even a nice comment.


You think YOU pay too much for gas


Finally! My closer personal friend and fellow Moron, Nick Searcy has some practical tips on how to succeed in The Biz.


Here’s a kitteh.

Have a great day. If life lets me, I’ll try to post some content later.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Links of Interest”

  1. Hmmmm!. Don’t have the Moisen-Nagant, I could substitute either a Springfield ’03A3 or a Mauser Kar98. I’d think American 30.06 would be easier to obtain than the Russian 7.62 or German 7.9mm I’ve got the Mossberg 500 in mil-spec riot gun mode, the 10/22 and the Glock 19. But I’ve also got other choices in .45ACP, 5.56mm and .308 Winchester/7.62mm NATO.

    I’ve tried to standardize around commonly available U.S. ammunition types.

  2. Mike, you’d be surprised at how readily available – and inexpensive – 7.62x54R is. It’s literally pennies per round, available in sealed 440-round spam cans. Really a great round. Hits about like a .30-06.

    I’ve got, at last count, 5 Mosin-Nagants (2 carbines, 3 rifles including 1 sniper variant) and 2 Mauser types (one Israeli K98k in 7.62 NATO and a Yugo M48A).

    I don’t have a Mossy. One of these days I might get one, but I don’t have a shotgun at all now.

    Not a huge fan of the Glock. I’ll keep my Beretta instead.

    1. The Glock 19 was my first concealed carry pistol purchased back in 1996 when Texas passed the concealed carry law. These days my EDC is an HK .45ACP compact USP. Still have the beloved 1911A1. Would like to have a Mosin-Nagant just for historical interest (with a proper WW2 scope).

    2. Mosin snipers are great fun, Mike. You find a nice original one, you’ll enjoy it. Mine is a little bit of a patchwork – I found the correct rifle, but it had been “de-snipered,” so to speak. The mount had been removed and the holes welded over. It had the proofmarks though, and an almost pristine bore. I bought all the parts – period-correct PU scope, with repro base and bolt body – and got the stuff mounted. 3.5x is a little low powered for the state of my eyes, unfortunately, but I’ve got another mount that fits the PU base and has Weaver rails on it. Now I just need a nice scope to put on that …

  3. I have to agree with the Ruger 10/22, because I’m one of those five million owners. (Or more precisely, Rocketboy is.)

    I still haven’t forgiven Steidle for saddling us with the PTC mafia, and I probably never will. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if F-35 and Ares shared some of the same data management problems.

    Heal quickly, Aggie!

  4. My wife has expressed interest, for the first time, of allowing a firearm in the house. I have not owned one before, though in the distant past I have taken a number of courses on firearm safety. Good places to start so that I don’t do something stupid? Mostly it would be for shooting at the range (I believe), as we have some friends who shoot regularly (and for some reason I feel really stupid asking this question of them without first soliciting advice).

  5. Most orange cats are toms, just like almost all calicos are female. Looking atthe face of Packer Kitteh, I would say that he is up to something.

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