This one has been going around the aviation centric blogs. Modern aircraft are almost unbelievably complex. While modern airliners have excellent reliability, they still need to be overhauled regularly.  British television takes an hour long look at just how in depth these overhauls are.  Get the coffee pot going, grab the comfy chair, and settle in. It’s well worth the hour.


And if you think airliners are complex, you should imagine the spacecraft Roamy works on. They face an environment that is orders of magnitude more hostile, and have far, far less space and weight available to address challenges.

6 thoughts on “D-Checks”

  1. It always amazes me when people see something like this and yet, a moment later will hear them say, “Well, if just does it.” They don’t have a clue about all of the work that goes into some of these giants. Don’t forget, these giants can be a 747 or your laptop computer. It can be, in the Military, an understanding of things like Military Intelligence, Military Logistics or even Military Maintenance, they all have a place. Well done.

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