Bronco Brigade

My first assignment was to the 3rd Brigade, 25th ID (now 3rd BCT, 25th ID).

We didn’t have hoo-ha videos like this.


Interesting that the very first shot is of the Army guys catching a lift from the Marines.

2 thoughts on “Bronco Brigade”

  1. There is not nor will there be amy time in the near future enough Army aviation assets to go around. That is why aviation is one of the most deployed assets in the Army.

    I would also imagine that it might be easier in some places to get Marine aviation assets to train that Army ones.

    1. The level of aviation assets in Hawaii, is, of course, rather firmly fixed, due to its distance from the mainland. And the largish pool of Marine assets there means asking our sister service for a lift makes sense (though they’re very heavily tasked with their own jobs).

      I don’t want anyone to think I was complaining. In fact, I’m pleased to see that level of cooperation. And it is fairly common to see the Marines in Afghanistan being supported by Army aviation. Cooperation is a good thing.

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