Whidbey’s Prowlers, Growlers, … and Airmen

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, on Washington’s Puget Sound, is home not only to the Navy’s airborne electronic attack (AEA) mission, but to the Air Force’s component of this mission as well. From here, electronic warfare officers of USAF’s 390th Electronic Combat Squadron provide this increasingly important capability—as they train and operate side-by-side with Navy aviators.

The 390th ECS shares space with a Marine Corps support squadron in a building just down the way from Whidbey’s hangars and runways. Squadron Commander Lt. Col. Karl Fischbach acknowledges it’s an unusual setting: airmen flying missions aboard Navy jets. He’s frequently called away from Whidbey to give briefings about this unique unit, and he likes to open with a good sea story—usually about learning to land an EA-6B Prowler on a rolling and pitching aircraft carrier during a dark and stormy night.

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Interesting post on XBrad’s hometown. First time I saw AF bluesuiters in town, it was a bit of a trip.