BMP-3 (with a little shooty and splodey)

The Russian BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicle family has been around since 1967 in various forms. The current production model, the BMP-3, has a very formidable suite of weapons, including a 100mm main gun capable of firing both conventional ammunition as well as a guided missile, a 30mm gun, and a 7.62mm coax gun. As an added bonus, it also features two hull mounted 7.62mm guns.


Before you dismiss the BMP-3 as just more Russian junk, ponder this- when Greece, a NATO ally of ours,  was looking to replace its older Armored Personnel Carriers, they passed up the opportunity to buy US M2 Bradleys, and instead bought the BMP-3.

2 thoughts on “BMP-3 (with a little shooty and splodey)”

  1. To be fair though, Brad. I will bet a kidney that the BMP-3 has a lower price tag. When money is tight, as it was/is for Greece, you buy what you can afford.

    Also, given our own experience with the Shillelagh, I wouldn’t bet a whole lot on the reliability of that 100mm missile system.

    1. The Shillelagh was developed 50 years ago. Things have changed a bit since then. The Russkies have developed several gun launched AT missiles, most of which appear to be successful.

      As to the price tag influencing the Greek decision, sure, I’m certain that was a part of it. And the ergonomics and habitability of the BMP don’t look like anything to write home about. But the point is, we’re not talking about stripped down, monkey-model pieces of junk that we recall being shipped to client states back in the Cold War days.

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