Reuters – China lands fighter jet on new carrier in show of force


Another step in the development of PLA Naval Aviation.  Reuters tells us the story.  A J-15 making an arrested landing on Liaoning.  Hardly the things of biplanes and sandbags.    Fast learners, they.

Interesting assertion from Hu Jintao:

“We should make active planning for the use of military forces in peacetime, expand and intensify military preparedness, and enhance the capability to accomplish a wide range of military tasks, the most important of which is to win local war in an information age,” Hu said.

Yes, yes.  Decades before they figure out carrier operations.  Horrendous accident rates.  Nothing to worry about.    Somehow I am not convinced that their development cycle will be as long and as costly as many surmise.  Not with our hard-learned lessons for them to study, and our methodology for them to emulate.    Certainly their neighbors are not quite so sanguine, either.

We shall see.

9 thoughts on “Reuters – China lands fighter jet on new carrier in show of force”

  1. As I mentioned on an Fb thread on this topic, we learned big deck jet CV ops in about 10 years. And kindly wrote it all down for anyone to read. Somehow I suspect the Chinese did.

    Yes, they WILL face a lot of challenges learning to operate a CV. But it is not written in stone that only we can learn to overcome those challenges.

    1. No cause to freak out. But, were we smart, we should perhaps stop with the sentences that say “The Chinese will never….” or “It will take decades for them….”

      They have proven such unwarranted optimism and dismissiveness wrong at every turn. And will continue to.

      They are growing their Navy and its capabilities. We are shrinking ours. Eventually, the trend lines will cross.

  2. “Eventually, the trend lines will cross.”
    China with a multi carrier blue water fleet gains influence in the pacific rim nations, Hawaii will become a republic and ally it’s self with China and the next big sneak attack on Pearl Harbor will be conducted by the United States navy. The US invades Attu to hold the state of Alaska in the Union.
    The West coast states will break away and join the Chinese and Hawaiians in a vast pacific wide alliance called The Arc of the Sun.
    Hell, I surprise myself sometimes!

    1. China would never take California. They own too much of our debt already. They might go for San Diego, though…..

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