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And finally Lindsey, judging by her actions alone, has made it through life without knowing anyone in uniform. That has to be the case right? I mean, how could she have family who has served in previous wars and do what she did? Or, how could she know someone now that is currently serving, after 10+ years of war and terror, and make the trip to Arlington and do what she did?
She’s never had to say goodbye, or cry herself to sleep worrying. She’s never packed a care package, or written a love letter to someone far away. She’s never had to pray for a Skype call, or be afraid of the doorbell in the middle of the night. She’s never had to see someone she loves go and look evil in the eye, only to come home a different person.

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I thought this was worth sharing. One other quote: “She probably doesn’t even know what Section 60 is.” Well, that got me. I’ve been to Arlington twice, and I didn’t know what Section 60 is. So I looked it up.

Section 60 holds the most recent burials, the ones from Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

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  1. The thing that really got me about what she did is that she was there as part of her job, escorting senior citizens. Why, do you suppose, senior citizens were visiting Arlington? My guess is, to visit loved ones. And this sorry excuse for a human being thought this was the perfect opportunity to, in her own words, “be a douchebag”. Well… mission accomplished, of course. But the real thing is that those she disrespected were the very same loved ones her customers were there to honor. I’d LOVE to see their reaction to being shown the picture she took. But I really hope they never do. For their sakes.

  2. Yes, I had suspected that much.
    How long before the Energy Czar decides to put a solar power mirror farm there.

  3. Your post is, by far, the best I’ve seen regarding Ms. Stone’s stupidity. She has truely led a sheltered life. She’s enjoyed this because of the efforts of people better than her.

    The hell of it is, that she’s one of those for whom we took an oath. We protect both the grateful and ungrateful. Dammit!!!

  4. And as of yesterday, she no longer has a job. Her employer decided that someone who works with veterans from time to time shouldn’t be able to both show enormous disrespect to veterans and then make a living off working with them.

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