6 thoughts on “Pay Attention, LT Rusty”

    1. Traditionally, the last event of the Expert Infantry Badge testing is the 12 mile road march followed by clear, disassemble, assemble, function check of the M16/M4. And it’s all ONE event.

      If you fail the clear, disassemble, assemble, function check part, you have to redo the whole event, road march and all. I’m not always the most sympathetic guy, but watching someone goon up that event by screwing up the function check makes me feel for them just a touch.

  1. Note, be sure you keep your eyes and mind on the process. WARNING: Be careful of distractions. This is much easier said, then done. When Brad says, “Pay Attention”, he means the process not the instructor.

  2. I don’t remember Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Yanizzi looking quite like that!

    It does reinforce the importance of operation and cleaning of the service rifle….

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