8 thoughts on “A “Dirt” Cheap AK-47.”

  1. Yeah, I’d say he started drinking again. A lot. Who on earth would think of making an AK out of garden tools. I’d hate to have to try to build one without the barrel blank, but it could be done if you had to. It’s be neat to see the ATF thugs try to regulate garden tools.

    1. John just posted photographic proof that you aren’t just a virus on my computer. I’m jealous. I didn’t get to pull a lanyard today!

    2. QM- just wait until I get my mill an lathe set up.

      Brad- one pull of a lanyard is over quickly, but several hundred trigger pulls is a much more prolonged amount of fun and should balance the scales sommat.

      Also, thanks for lunch!

    3. I didn’t pull a lanyard either. Both the grandkids did. We’d have had a pic of them at Heimdall, but the sun washed the pics out so badly they couldn’t be recovered.

      I did pop about 5 caps meself with the FN PS90. I can tell you we are ready for teh Zombie apocalypse.

      1. I’ll better the little QMs had a blast (pun intended!).

        I don’t know the total count of rounds fired at the range, but I’m pretty sure I busted out somewhere between 200 and 300 today. Not bad.

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