More in sadness than in anger…

This silly bint below, Lindsey Stone, rebelling against authority and sticking it to The Man, posted a pic of herself at Arlington National Cemetery. As you can see, her bravery knows no bounds. Because nothing shows how independent and freethinking you are like being a puerile twit.

And the title of the post is true. I’m not terribly angry. I’m sad. I’m sad that someone actually thinks this passes for independent thought. I’m sad that this “person” thinks that simply abiding by societal norms is so oppressive.

What Miss Stone fails to comprehend is that manners and polite behavior don’t exist for some vague authority to constrict her, but rather serve as the lubricant that eases the frictions of daily life.  Does she think being deliberately rude to others makes sense? Is it proper to demean others? Should we berate waitstaff, or heckle the handicapped? Kick homeless people? Taunt fat people (like her)?

I’ve certainly been known to be rude and disruptive from time to time. But that was usually an exception to my upbringing, and I like to think as I’ve aged, it’s become less and less common from me. Perhaps it will be so with our subject above.

18 thoughts on “More in sadness than in anger…”

  1. I think she needs some time under sharia law or in a Third World sh*thole to really appreciate what she has and the veterans who are responsible for the peace, freedom, and quality of life we enjoy.

  2. Had I been there when she did it, I prolly woulda been rude and disruptive. She would not have agreed with my reasons, however. For some strange reason or t’other, I really don’t much care about her disagreement either.

  3. Having worked there for almost four years, I’m kind of disgusted. Some people will just never get it. Although I can admit to participating in the standing up of a dead squirrel on a street corner with a small American flag between it’s tiny rigor-mortified paws one morning during “Flags In.” Alas, I was but a youth in those days and when you spend too much time in ANC you can become jaded. Never disrespectful, but yes, jaded.

  4. the behavior of her ilk is puzzling; more often than not being directed at the wrong subject.

    “Taunt fat people (like her)”

  5. If she is dumb enough to believe that kind of thing is OK, I doubt any kind of lecture or “corrective training” would allow her to see the light. She’s just an idiot and fully deserves all the scorn she is receiving right now.

    1. I would say less dumb, and more that’s how she was brought up, the poor thing.
      In the world of relativistic morals and a multiculti society there’s no such thing as wrong, because there’s not such thing as right, if by that you mean a right way of thinking, behaving, or living. If this is your belief, you’re a bigoted Eurocentric, and probably racist & sexist to boot.
      Since no one society or set of ethics is correct, it follows that they’re all equivalent, which gets us people who think it’s ok to perform crass stunts like this.
      A corollary to this was highlighted over at This Ain’t Hell when some newb insisted on standing up for the lady girl; one of his defenses was that she didn’t intend harm, hence we shouldn’t be so mean to her. In Prog world, intentions count for more than prudence.

      1. To be honest, I don’t think she really did have a malicious intent. I think she just did it as a goof. But here’s the thing- do stupid things, earn stupid prizes.

  6. Thought she was at Disney world she did. What part of National war graves cemetery did she not understand on the itinerary of her visit?
    Most likely she is one of those stupids that talk on a cell in a theater or play and shouts in a public library.
    “CAN’T MAKE ME” is her kinds battle cry and it goes along with speeding, red light running, DUI and litter bugging, the can’t make me’s are like this, narcissistic in acts and behavior.
    Send her on a free trip to Afghanistan for a little walk in the sun with the line Grunts of some Army or Marine patrol, let her meet some Taliban who shares her scorn and disrespect for the dead.
    Really her actions are no different than the Hamas dragging a dead body behind a motorcycle.

  7. It’s ok for “them” to denigrate, and disrespect “us”, but not the other way around. Obsidian53 hits it on the head. I’m getting too old for this crap.

    1. Like I said above, Mark, she doesn’t think she’s disrespecting your comrades because she didn’t intend to do so. It was a joke, right?*

      *Please note that was her talking, NOT me. :-/

  8. Both her, and her freind that took the picture have been fired from the organization they worked for.
    30yrs is a tad late to be learning actions do have consequences.

    1. She was on a business trip, and on the clock. Many great Americans are in the neighborhood, but they can not defend their sacrifice. My great uncle is there. Alas, I was not there to correct her personally.

      Her unemployment is deservied. I would not hire her. Poor judgement leaks into too many things.

  9. Respect goes a very, very long way….but stupidity always falls short. *This picture made me really sad too* 🙁

    I know that people make mistakes and i think she’ll know by now that she has made a mistake alright. If not, then she’ll probably make another soon and hit her toe again (and again and again if she still not get it).
    Nature has (thankfully) a way of letting you learn things….and if not gentle, then it has to be (unfortunately) the hard way…a thing my dad always said/says to me.

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