Training Day

I pretty much quit shooting after I left the Army, not because I don’t enjoy it, but it’s expensive, and when I was living in the Chicagoland area, it was tough to even find a range (which somehow doesn’t stop a lot of people from just using Chicago as a range).

But I want to get back into it. And my experience tells me that anyone who shoots should invest not just in guns and ammo, but also in a quality training course. I’ve been researching some of the tactical pistol courses. There’s a plethora of courses available, and separating the wheat from the chaff is a challenge. But I think I’ve found a course that will fill the bill.


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  1. It is important that you have a proper grip on the pistol. And the throwing of bullets downrange can add just a little MV to the projectile, which may be important in penetrating the door or windshield of a 1994 Caprice with gold rims.

    Fo’ shizzle.

  2. My rifle for work purposes is a S&W M&P 15, and I own a Colt Match Rifle. I went and bought a S&W M&P 15-22 because of the price of .223. To fill two 30 round magazines is close to $25.00. For that money, I can fire 550 rounds of Winchester bulk .22lr, pay the $5.00 for some range time, and go to McDonalds when I am done. Next time I go shoot, I will see if that works with the M&P 15-22.

    1. Just to ask a dumb question, Scott, why not the Marlin model 60? Same ammo, same capacity, both are semi-auto, but the 60 is a LOT cheaper!
      Don’t mind me, I’m poor and cheap. 😉
      Just went browsing for laughs at Bass Pro Shop. Man, even the .22 revolvers are expensive. To me.

    2. Casey-

      Has to do with muscle memory. Yes, a Model 60 is cheaper, but you don’t get the same training benefits out of it. You’re going to fight the way you train, so you should train the way you plan to fight.

      M&P 15-22 looks, feels and operates the same as the M&P 15 (or any other AR-15, for that matter).

  3. For my money, I’d go to Gunsite (the program founded by Jeff Cooper) or Frontsite. Gunsite isn’t too far from you, while Frontsite is in Texas. A good course will burn some ammo and will be pricey as a result. I don’t know anything about the program you linked to in the video.

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