November Mornings

Late-autumn in Vermont can be rainy, dull, and dreary, and portend the coming of a cold and long winter.  It lacks the spectacle of the turning leaves, and the thrill of warm sunshine on one’s face in the first chill air of September.  However, it can also be a time when the Big Guy does some of his best work.   The combination of temperatures below freezing at night and well above that (especially with sunshine) during the day make for some spectacles of nature that are breathtakingly beautiful and delicately fleeting.

Every scene I managed to capture this morning looked remarkably different just half an hour later, as the sunshine broke through the cold fog and melted away the ice which had settled in the trees and on the ground.   But for the moment, at least, this humble little village was a canvas for the Great Artist.

2 thoughts on “November Mornings”

  1. Saturday morning was 28, with dense fog here in Baraboo. So dense, that when I crossed over I-90/94, I could not see the freeweay. All the trees were frosted with an ice rime, like ones in your photo. A beautiful morning. We are lucky to live in such a world.

  2. We often see that in the mountains in WNC. The valley where I live can be ice free, but just a few hundred feet higher, the trees are white with ice. It’s a very nice effect.

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