L’Affair Petraeus

Well, from a tabloid point of view, this has been quite entertaining. GEN Petraeus, Paula Broadwell,  GEN Allen, Jill Kelley, her whacko twin sister, John Kerry and others, shirtless FBI agents. It reads like a bad beltway satire.

But news breaks this morning that David Petraeus will in fact testify about Benghazi, his trip to Libya in the aftermath, and one suspects there might be some questions about his earlier statements that lent credence to the “theory” that the attack was a spontaneous result of a youtube video. Only this time, instead of a briefing, he’ll be under oath. That tends to cause a touch more care in one’s phrasing.

I’m sure there are some partisans that view the debacle of Benghazi primarily as a way to attack the Obama administration. That’s just the way politics is played in America. But the fact that there are partisans with an agenda doesn’t erase the fact that it was, in fact, a debacle, and that the American people have a right to know what happened and why.

I’m as partisan as the next guy. But I’m also willing to forgive some level of error in judgment. If the attack on American interests in Benghazi was a result of a “light footprint” strategy, that’s an error in judgment, and while awful, it’s not criminal. But the continued obfuscation and blameshifting in the aftermath is unacceptable, and might indeed involve some level of criminality, and at a minimum, is immoral.

Let us hope that, as the final act of a long career of public service that ends in shame, David Petraeus can shed some useful light on what actually happened in Benghazi, and more critically, in the halls of power here in the United States in the aftermath.

4 thoughts on “L’Affair Petraeus”

  1. if he’s actually going to fall on his sword on this one, he’ll really need to do it in an EPIC manner to even come close to coming somewhat clean(er)…

  2. This appears to be working out a lot like Watergate. Nixon did not get in trouble because of the burglary, but for helping cover it up. Nixon resigned because he was told the “Rs” in the House could not prevent his impeachment or his Senate conviction. Of course, much of that was also that he finally provided the commies the ammo to repay him for the Hiss affair. The other side has a very long memory, and they will repay for anything done to them, in time.

    It would be really nice if our side had the same attitude and were just as ruthless.

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