NBC: David Petraeus resigns from CIA

Friday that CIA director David Petraeus has resigned from the CIA, citing an extramarital affair.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said the resignation was submitted in a letter dated Friday and was accepted by the White House.

In a letter, Petraeus noted that he had been married for 37 years and had exercised “extremely poor judgment’ in conducting an extramarital affair.

via NBC: David Petraeus resigns from CIA.

Well. I didn’t see THAT one coming.

Update: But you’ll notice the most open, honest, and transparent administration in history sat on this news for 6 days, until after the election was over.

D’oh! Today is Friday. Been thinking all day today isĀ  Thursday. But still, something stinks here. The timing, given that Congress is going to be holding hearings on Benghazi very soon, is fishy. Guess he won’t be testifying now…

3 thoughts on “NBC: David Petraeus resigns from CIA”

  1. What was that show with Lee Majors after he left “The Six Million Dollar Man”? Ham, now Petraeus, who’s next?

  2. This is an ‘oh, WOW!’ moment for many of us. Even the most pristine of the officer corps, especially over the last few years, have found themselves on the far south side of character. What is surprising is that it has been across the board; academy grads, ROTC, direct commission, etc. So, one can’t say that it has to do with their leadership foundations, and their road to the ‘stars.’ It is absolutely human. Human temptations sometimes overtakes the strongest of character and values. But, that’s ‘NO EXCUSE!’

  3. I’d say it is very unlikely that DP will be recalled to active duty to stand court martial. He probably should have at least the 4th star revoked, but I seriously doubt that will happen either.

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