Duffel Blog: Lifetime Releases Details On ‘Army Wives’ Spinoff Show: ‘Army Husbands’

From the pages of the non-pariel and world-renowned Duffel Blog.  Which is fast becoming the funniest website ever.

Reggie, a 19-year-old commissary employee, abandoned his dreams of playing college basketball to move across the country with his new wife, a Private First Class. Reggie’s inability to ever remember to log out of his Gmail account puts his marriage at risk.

Kyle, a 22-year-old commissary employee, juggles the demands of marriage and trying to make it big with his shitty garage band. In the pilot episode, Kyle forgets to clear his Internet history, putting his marriage at risk.

Tom, a 21-year-old commissary employee, is married to a female Infantryperson. Bored at home, he spends all her money on muscle cars and Tapout T-shirts. Whenever his wife is sent downrange, Tom puts his marriage at risk by going to bars and sleeping with wives of deployed soldiers.

And finally Jared, a 32-year-old commissary employee and stay-at-home dad, feels unappreciated as he raises his preschool-age twins during the day and works stocking shelves at night. Jared’s marriage is put to the test when his wife wakes up and catches him on the other side of the bed having sex with another woman.

Sounds like a hell of a fall line-up for my favorite channel, Lifetime.

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  1. You can pass it off as “great minds think alike”, or you can start therapy immediately. Your choice!

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