Basic Human Right? San Francisco to Provide Transgender Surgeries for Uninsured

Ahhh, free health care.   This from the Associated Press via Fox News.

The city’s Health Commission voted Tuesday to create a comprehensive program for treating transgender people experiencing mental distress because of the mismatch between their bodies and their gender identities. The vote was announced Thursday.

The idea came out of conversations between public health officials and transgender rights advocates who wanted mastectomies, genital reconstructions and other surgeries covered under San Francisco’s universal health care program.

Don’t believe for a second that there will not be significant Federal dollars passing through San Francisco’s Health Department to provide these incredibly expensive, wholly unnecessary procedures.   Keep this in mind when, in a few short years under Obamacare, your parents, or even you, face rationing of health care.   Also keep it in mind when there is further discussion of limiting TRICARE for our Nation’s Veterans, because it costs too much.    And when California eventually receives massive infusions of Federal tax dollars to try and stem the hemorrhage of debt and deficit, either before or after bankruptcy.
You wanna do it?   I couldn’t care less.   Knock yourself out.  Making taxpayers foot the bill?   That is despicable.    Of course, resenting having to pay for Victor/Victoria makes someone a hateful homophobe and a far-Right extremist, I am sure.   Elections have consequences.   Now comes the reckoning.

14 thoughts on “Basic Human Right? San Francisco to Provide Transgender Surgeries for Uninsured”

  1. Yet another sign of the Apocalypse.

    I’m guessing that the question “Where do we draw the line?” no longer has any relevance in the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia.

    1. Thanks. It was missing something without being accused of bigotry for not wanting to pay for everybody else.

    2. I’m sure you feel much better now, Casey. Glad you remembered late. Better late than never.

      Personally, I’ve reached the point that I tell those idiots they can call me anything except late for chow. Then I tell them they are racists for doing the trash they do. They are scum.

      The Parasite Caucus won this election.

  2. For the Record: I exercise no editorial control over URR or Roamy’s posts. They don’t come to me for approval. If they exceed the boundaries of what I’m willing to support, I’ll tell them after the fact. And to date, they have not done so.

    Having said that, I (and therefore, the blog) am quite friendly to the transgendered community. More than one reader and friend of the blog is trans, and they have been good friends, and sources of wisdom and counsel. And while I understand many people are uncomfortable with the trans community (and there are large swaths of it that are simply devoted to a libertine, lascivious, hedonistic lifestyle) there are other members that are in fact, being true to themselves. Just think, they feel so strongly about gender dysphoria that they are willing to be shunned and shamed by their family and friends, to add additional burdens to seeking gainful employment over what already exists in today’s economy, and indeed, place themselves into a social group that is far more likely to be victimized by violent crime. I’d say that takes some deeper level of motivation than a simple sexual perversion. So they tend to have my sympathy, and sometimes, even my admiration.

    But that isn’t the issue that URR has raised. At stake here is a governmental entity once again deciding that they will chose who among the citizenry will be favored with the fruits of others labor. For the medical care they mandate can only be paid for by taxing others. Some of those taxed will have financial, moral, or even religious objections to paying for this. And that is perfectly understandable. And like it or not, virtually all the medical procedures affiliated with the transgendered community are, in fact, elective in nature. Why should I, or any other citizen, be compelled to fund the elective health care of another? We shouldn’t. But San Francisco, in its rush to be more compassionate than anyone for one group, must then further be less compassionate to all to achieve that. And therein is the folly.

    1. Well-said. I have gay family members, and love them dearly. But I would be no less appalled to hear that this exorbitantly expensive elective surgery was to take place, and it was going to happen on the taxpayers’ dime. But it wouldn’t. Because we were raised to not have a sense of persecution and entitlement.

  3. Of course, in my long rant, I missed the most obvious counter- What uninsured? Doesn’t Obamacare mandate that all persons buy medical insurance? And if they’re insured, why on earth would San Francisco need to provide such services?

  4. Person please……really? I guess everything goes AND you don’t have to pay for it yourself.

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