“Devastating:” Jim Geraghty’s Depressing Take

I’m not saying he’s depressing. I’m saying the results are depressing, so any analysis will be depressing.

via Ace of Spades HQ.

The analysis of the election and electorate aside, what popped into my head was the overview of the Obama campaign’s NARWHAL GOTV database.

In effect, it’s a small scale version of the Total Information Awareness program the federal government wanted to use for datamining to identify, localize, track and target terrorists and their funding.

When TIA (and various other similar initiatives) were proposed in the aftermath of 9/11 (in New York and DC, not Benghazi), civil libertarians and the left went bezerk, with visions of Big Brother watching every citizen’s every move. George Bush was vilified as a proto-dictator, with an army of Stasi agents.

To be sure, I’m leery of government intrusion into our private information. What can start as well intentioned can quickly turn evil. And I’ll admit that there is a real difference between a private entity gathering information given voluntarily, or available via open source and the federal government building databases on citizens and residents.

I just find it interesting that the Obama campaign thinks “it’s evil, unless we’re the ones doing it.”